Photo: YubaNet

NEVADA CITY, Calif. Sept. 29, 2016 – Misspelled graffiti briefly marred the 49er bridge crossing the South Yuba river between Nevada City and North San Juan.

Early this morning, several readers reported swastikas and Nazi graffiti visible on the bridge during their morning commute.

At this time of year, fall colors and the river rocks make for a pleasant view, but spelling-challenged person(s) attempted to manifest their displeasure with Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal – defacing the bridge and the view.

Photo: YubaNet

The graffiti didn’t stay long, shortly after 9 am Caltrans maintenance was on scene, painting over the spray paint.

Graffiti on this bridge is a relatively rare occurrence and the swastikas were a first, according to Caltrans staff.

Graffiti is considered vandalism under CA Penal Code 594.

Photo: YubaNet

Meanwhile, the river is low and the fall colors are starting to emerge.

September 29, 2016 at 2:26 PM Update: Caltrans’ Nevada City Maintenance Station has used 10 gallons of recycled paint to abate graffiti in Nevada County since the beginning of 2016.