Fisherman enjoying Halsey Forebay in Meadow Vista, CA.

Auburn, Calif. December 5, 2017 – Placer Land Trust is pleased to announce the protection of 730 acres of prime recreation land near Auburn.

In a continuing partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Placer Land Trust has permanently protected the 548-acre Halsey Preserve and the 182-acre Rock Creek Preserve. These two properties – both owned by PG&E – contain lakes popular for fishing, hiking, picnicking and have paved parking lots for public access.
“Both of these preserves are great fishing spots and fun destinations for family picnics and hikes,” said Jeff Darlington, Executive Director for Placer Land Trust. “Not all protected lands can accommodate public recreation, so these two are really special. We’re so pleased that our work will ensure current and future generations can enjoy these preserves, forever.”
PG&E retains actual ownership and management of the lands, which will continue to be an integral part of its regional hydropower operations. Placer Land Trust will hold conservation easements on the lands to ensure that public recreation will continue to be allowed there, and to ensure the open space and wildlife habitat on the preserves will also remain free from further subdivision and development.
 “PG&E is proud to partner with Placer Land Trust on the permanent protection of these lands”, said Mike Schonherr, PG&E’s Director who oversees its Land Conservation Commitment program. “This is another important step in PG&E’s work to permanently protect more than 140,000 acres of watershed lands. We look forward to working with Placer Land Trust on these and other lands in Placer County.”
Endowment funding for the ongoing and permanent protection of the preserves was provided in part by the nonprofit Stewardship Council, and is supported by Placer Land Trust’s generous donors.