NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 23, 2016 – After his arrest on Monday evening, Grass Valley resident Randy Hansen was arraigned early this afternoon. Deputy District Attorney filed four felony charges against Hansen:

  • PC288.7(a) Sex/Sodomy with a Child Under 10
  • PC288.7(B) Oral Copulation/Sexual Penetration with a Child under 10 (FELONY) on two counts
  • PC288(A) Lewd Act Upon a Child (FELONY)

Hansen remains in custody, bail is set at $700,000.

His arraignment has been continued to December 1, 2016 when he is expected to enter a plea. He is represented by the Public Defender’s Office.

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  1. My daughter was repeatedly raped and molested when she was 6 years old. She told my then wife and my then wife hid it from me for 12 years, until my girl was 18 and leaving home…
    Then wife told daughter not to ever tell me because I would kill him and then I would go to jail and the family wouldn’t have a home or money.

    I know what I would like to do to child molesters, and the women that protect them. .

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