Butte County February 25, 2020 – This week, CAL FIRE-Butte County Fire Department is hosting 10 professional firefighters from Japan. Firefighters from throughout Japan are being instructed by CAL FIRE/BCFD firefighters in the many strategies and tactics of fighting residential structure fires.

Takahiro Sato, the liaison for this training, is excited on how this training will benefit the Japanese firefighters and the citizens of Japan. “Building construction in Japanese homes is starting to reflect the types of materials used here in California and the United States”, Sato stated. “Learning firefighting strategy and tactics from US firefighters will help back in Japan”

Battalion Chief Tony Brownell was contacted by Takahiro Sato through a mutual acquaintance. Takahiro asked if Chief Brownell and the department would be interested in hosting firefighters from Japan. Chief Brownell endorsed the idea and sees it as wonderful opportunity to share experience and provide training. “To have international firefighters here at our training facility is an honor. To provide them with valuable training to take back to their country is extraordinary!” CAL FIRE/BCFD has a core unit of firefighting instructors that will be involved in the week long event.

Classroom training began today at the CAL FIRE/BCFD training facility. The rest of the week will be outside, concentrating on firefighting strategy, tactics, and the tools used to accomplish controlling fires in residential structures.