June 13, 2018 – Nevada Irrigation District (NID) customers are continuing their water conservation efforts; daily water use was down in April compared to April 2017, and there have been solid overall savings since the drought years.

Overall, NID’s treated water customers consumed 35.3 percent less water in April than in 2013, the benchmark year used before the drought, according to data released to the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).

The monthly daily water use was lowest since data began being submitted to the State Water Board starting during the drought. In terms of daily water use, customers averaged 77 residential gallons per capita day (R-GPCD). Statewide, the average was 81 R-GPCD in April.

Estimated R-GPCD for NID treated water customers during the month of April (2013 – 2018):
April 2013 – 130
April 2015 – 87
April 2016 – 87
April 2017 – 79
April 2018 – 77

“We applaud NID customers who have voluntarily incorporated water conservation into their lifestyles,” said Chip Close, NID operations manager. “Being good stewards of this finite resource is a step forward to be responsive to climate change and future drought.”

NID customers used of 77 R-GPCD during April. By comparison, a sampling of neighboring district R-GPCDs is as follows:
• El Dorado Irrigation District – 111
• Sacramento Suburban Water District – 84
• City of Roseville – 63
• City of Lincoln – 85

Since 2015, NID has joined other urban water agencies in California in submitting monthly data to the State Water Board, which uses the data for its statewide conservation updates. Read the April report here.

NID encourages water conservation efforts. Find water efficiency tips at the District’s conservation webpage here.