February 1, 2020 – By spring, Long Ravine Campground on Rollins Reservoir will have a completely new drinking water system. Currently, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is replacing the 55-year old system, including installing more than a mile of new pipe, two new storage tanks and filter system. All is on track to be completed by March.

During the work, the campground is closed, and campers are being directed to nearby Orchard Springs Campground.
Overall, the project entails installing approximately 7,460 linear feet (1.41 miles) of new 1.5-inch 3-inch and 4-inch pipe.

Two poly storage tanks and all piping were delivered in December 2019. The tank pad and tanks have been installed, and a contractor will install a new greensand filter system for iron and sediment removal.

In addition, during the water system work crews also are improving the RV sites, leveling out sites, re-rocking pads and upgrading the electrical to the sites.

Rollins Reservoir, located at the 2100-foot elevation off Highway 174 between Grass Valley and Colfax, has four independently operated campgrounds. Long Ravine, Greenhorn, Orchard Springs and Peninsula offer a combined 250 campsites and a complete range of services including stores, restaurants, fuel sales and rentals.

Read more about NID recreation and campgrounds here. https://nidwater.com/recreation/