Editor’s note: Ludi said “I’m launching a new venture, a CD of the live recording of the magical concert of Nov. 30 of last year. It’s been almost 6 months to the day. 

The CD is titled “Loss, Remembrance and Emergence”, and it has new grand piano ballads, poetry from Rumi, some trombone growls and shouts. I’m just really proud of the final mastered version. If you are interested in checking it out and and maybe being a support person on any level, go to my Kickstarter project link.  We are going to be closing the KS project this month on May 19th, the day of my CD release concert at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.  I’m sending out a big thank you and hug to all who have been there with this and to all of you who I’ve worked and played with over the years.  I’m so grateful.”

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 2, 2017 – Multi-instrumentalist/composer Ludi Hinrichs debuts his new CD, Loss, Remembrance & Emergence, at The Center for the Arts in downtown Grass Valley on Friday, May 19.

It should come as no surprise that a fellow born in St. Louis would be attracted to music — especially jazz and blues licks for which the city on the Mississippi is best known. And when you realize that his name— abbreviated to Ludi when he was a boy — is actually Ludwig, it’s clear that his musical fate was sealed upon birth.

Hinrichs says, “I still remember when I was two years old, and my mother took me to a music store on 39th Street in St. Louis. Playing the piano there was sublime! I played for quite a while, listening to the combinations of tones, colors and textures; it is still that way for me— whether composing, playing the trombone or didjeridu, singing a ballad, or working out a new piano voicing.”

Ludi Hinrichs is most often identified with the trombone, but he is also an accomplished pianist, a vocalist and plays the didjeridu, among other musical devices.

His performances reveal a wide array of experiences — matched by a keen improviser’s ear and a commitment to his craft. From Nevada City clubs and galleries to concert halls in foreign lands, Ludi is always full of surprises.

Hinrichs adds, “I take in and respond to all sounds and styles of music that have the qualities of strength, depth, spirit, structure, beauty and intelligence. Examples include the works of J.S. Bach, Stravinsky, Mississippi delta blues, John and Alice Coltrane, the exquisite music of Bali, Balkan brass bands, and I can’t forget to mention my namesake Ludwig van Beethoven!”

“This CD project is the fruition of a passionate journey inward following the loss of my wife two years ago. I felt a wave of new material come forth, reflecting the path through contraction and expansion, as the mirror of my internal landscape constantly presented itself in its fullness.”

“There are poems set to music from Rumi, Hafez and other timeless observers; piano ballads dedicated to my family, my ancestry, and dear travelers; prayers and shouts of joy through the vehicle of the trombone; and, a final wish for our collective awakening, voiced through the large gong.”

The concert will include material from the CD as well as some new creations with fellow music traveler, Joe Fajen, on tabla.

WHO: Ludi Hinrichs presents

WHAT: Ludi Hinrichs, CD Release Concert: Loss, Remembrance & Emergence

WHEN: Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:00pm

WHERE: The Center for the Arts
314 W Main Street, Grass Valley, CA  95945

The Center Box Office – 530-274-8384 ext 14
BriarPatch Co-op Community Market – 530-272-5333
Tickets online at www.thecenterforthearts.org

WEBPAGE: www.thecenterforthearts.org