February 11, 2018 – N.I.D. took one year to finally supply live streaming video of its Board of Directors meetings. During this year the water agency showed preference for dealing with difficult problems in the dark, behind the scenes. After some telling comments, on tape, they allowed transparent B.O.D. meetings. Yeah!

After repeated testimony, and the outlawing of the herbicide Glyphosate, N.I.D formed a working group. They met once and chose 16 people. This group has no public, printed agenda, minutes or work product. The use of aquatic toxins, dripped directly into 350 miles of ditches and streams wasn’t considered. The elemental copper left in these ditches wasn’t discussed. The unfounded need for terrestrial (bank and berm sprays) was not discussed. This group should be open to the public, ranchers, and farmers should be invited. I think there would only be a few additional people. Information is valuable no matter where it comes from.

At its last Board meeting, the Special District Leadership Foundation awarded the agency a document for transparency. The 60 + concerned citizens and community stake holders present, audibly protested!

Please open up the Vegetation Working Group to the public.

Mike Pasner,
Growing produce locally for 32 years.

Indian Springs Organic Farm
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