NEVADA CITY, Calif. August 2, 2018 – On August 1, 2018 at approximately 0700 Hours, Detectives from the Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant in the 14000 block of Skeeter Hollow in Nevada City. The warrant for was for a large-scale marijuana grow observed during aerial surveillance. During the execution of this warrant, detectives located a sophisticated butane honey oil laboratory along with numerous marijuana plants under cultivation. Detectives contacted and detained an Asian male adult, Ka Vue, from Oroville, who was tending to the gardens.

During their investigation, detectives determined that Bradley Pulvers of Nevada City was responsible for the grow and owned an adjoining property accessed in the 16000 block of Gas Canyon. Detectives secured the adjoining location and obtained another warrant for this property along with Mr. Pulvers’s residence in the 10000 block of Willow Valley Road.

Upon their arrival to the Gas Canyon property, which was connected to the Skeeter Hollow property by a long homemade dirt road, deputies contacted and detained an additional eight Asian adults who were trimming marijuana at eight individual trimming stations in a large unpermitted garage. All of the subjects located in the garage were identified as being related to Mr. Vue and were from the Oroville area.

The property owner, Bradley Pulvers, arrived at the Gas Canyon Address while deputies were still on scene. At the Gas Canyon address, deputies located over 120 one-pound packages of processed marijuana, more marijuana under cultivation, and several hundred pounds of dried, unprocessed marijuana.

Pulvers was taken into custody and booked into the county jail for 11358, 11359, and 11379.6 H&S. Two of the subjects who had been trimming marijuana were unable to provide satisfactory identification and were booked into jail rather than released by citation.

During execution of the final warrant at Pulvers’s residence on Willow Valley Road, detectives located and seized over $85,000.00 in cash, financial documents, and several firearms.