September 27, 2018 – Per Sheriff Royal’s direction, an application for a body worn camera grant was submitted to the US Department of Justice in May of 2018. Sheriff Royal is pleased to announce that yesterday, the Sheriff’s Office received notification of approval of our application for a Body Worn Camera Grant. The grant, in the amount of $123,000, will cover startup costs associated with a body worn camera program.

Across the country body-worn cameras are increasingly being utilized as tools for improving evidentiary outcomes, increasing community safety, and enhancing officer and public interactions. Research has shown that the presence of body-worn cameras can have a positive impact by assisting with conflict de-escalation, as well as strengthening transparency and accountability between law enforcement and the citizenry.

Funding from this grant will support the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office efforts to develop a planned and phased approach for body-worn cameras in Nevada County. The approach will engage broad stakeholders, local leadership, and the community to address policy, training and deployment.

The funding comes at a significant time when State-wide policy in the use of body worn cameras and development of recent technology have provided increased benefits to local law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office for many years has utilized in-car cameras as a tool in their daily jobs, and recently our Sheriff Office Animal Control Officers began a pilot program using body worn cameras.

This new technology will help the Sheriff’s Office expand its transparency within the community.