Photo: Pamela Biery

NEVADA CITY, Calif., December 7, 2016 – The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce is updating its popular Tree Tour Map. The original map completed in 2008 provides a walking guide to the Trees of Nevada City. This map provides tree species, exact locations and numbered positioning on the sidewalks throughout town of just over 40 key specimens. After years of use, the printed supply is gone.

New technology allows tree tour materials to be converted for smartphones. The walking path needs to be re-confirmed and updated, along with securing the exact GPS placement. The goal here is to produce a digital map that can be accessed through the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce website, along with simple postcards that can be offered at the Chamber office. Instead of large map to unfold, visitors will be able to scan a QR code and go directly to the map on their smartphone. Visitors can walk the tour with their smartphone, navigating easily while reading about trees. This map will be helpful to students and residents who wish to learn more about Nevada City’s trees.

Large canopy trees are a significant contributor to greenhouse gas reduction. Nevada City’s beautiful heritage trees are a precious environmental resource as well as a tourism asset. By cultivating appreciation, it is more certain they will be preserved.

The cost for this digital project is about half of the original printed map fees. The Nevada City Chamber is seeking sponsors for this $4k project and have a GoFundMe project for easy access and donations. Sponsors contributing $500 or more can have their logo included on the Chamber website designated Walking Tree Tour page as well as the postcards.

This project will be completed by the original Nevada City Tree Tour Map designer and project manager, Pamela Biery of Cathy Whittlesey, Nevada County Chamber of Executive Director is the acting project administrator. “We are excited to revitalize this popular map. Getting people out, walking our historic town is the best way to get to know Nevada City. Trees are an important part of Nevada City’s scenic quality and this map helps educate both visitors and residents of trees vital contribution to Nevada City.”

Go to to learn more and contribute today.