NEVADA CITY, Calif. August 18, 2019 – Downtown Employee Parking Permits are back! These will be available Monday, August 19, 2019. Only 75 will be issued. $60 will get you through to the New Year (no charge for the remaining days in August). Fill out your application today. See you Monday!

How it Works:

  • Purchase of Parking Permit will exempt a vehicle from the time zone parking limitation in specified areas, if the parking is part of a commute to work.
  • be eligible, you must be an owner or employee in the downtown historical district Employee Parking Permits will be good for the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat.
  • The cost is $15 per month. ($60 Payment will include the remainder of August through December 31, 2019)

How to Participate:

  • Bring: Proof of employment; vehicle registration(s) of vehicles participating in program.
  • Payment for the permit may be either from the business or the employee. We accept cash, check (payable to the City of Nevada City), and credit cards.
  • Permits will be valid on a 6-month calendar bases, January–June; July-December.
  • To apply for your Parking Permits, arrive in person and please contact City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Mon-Fri 8AM-12; 1PM-5PM.
  • Permits are only issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. A permit cannot be passed on to another person.


  • We will waive 1 parking ticket in lieu of purchase of a parking permit.
  • Permit Parking Zones are only valid in the designated all-day parking lots of: Commercial St. Lot (only in the back half beyond the bathrooms), Nevada St. lot and lower lot of Spring St. Lot.
  • Permit Parking EXEMPTS business owners and employees from the parking time zones.
  • Without a Parking Permit, other drivers can park in that zone at any time, but they must adhere to the parking time limit or pay the meter.
  • Permit Parking will eliminate the need for owners/employees to move their vehicles and will increase available prime parking for customers in the downtown.
  • A parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve a parking space nor shall it excuse the observance of any traffic or parking regulation, (red zones, not in designated spot, etc).
  • The parking permit does not excuse the holder from moving their vehicles from public streets during a declared snow emergency, special event or other temporary use due to emergency repairs, etc. In most cases temporary signs will be posted with 24 hour notice.