March 14, 2020 – This Plan follows the guidance provided by the local, State and Federal government (see section 8) as pertains to COVID-19 and Homelessness. As that guidance changes and the situation evolves, the plan will be updated as resources allow.

It is important to note that current data suggests that 80% of people infected with COVID-19 will show mild symptoms, or no symptoms, but can still spread the virus.

  1. Educate and Engage the HOME Team
    The Homeless Outreach and Medical Engagement (HOME) Team is Nevada County’s homeless street outreach and engagement team.
    • Effective Monday, March 16th the HOME Team will be provided education and resources to address the issue of COVID-19 among unsheltered homeless individuals.
    • Activities of the HOME Team will include
    o Educating homeless individuals on hygiene and prevention strategies
    o Providing field sanitation kits
    o Identifying and assisting symptomatic homeless individuals and
    o Connecting individuals in need of treatment and quarantine with those resources
    o Protocols to ensure employee safety
  2. Distribute Field Sanitation Kits
    • The week of March 16th, the HOME Team will develop and distribute field sanitation kits to unsheltered homeless individuals without access to hand-washing and sanitation resources.
    Items may include:
    o Bottled water
    o Soap
    o Hand sanitizer – at least 60% alcohol
    o Fact sheet with education and information on resources
  3. Coordinate with Homeless Shelter on Planning and Prevention
    • Planning and coordination are already in place with Hospitality House
    • The County is providing ongoing guidance and support through ongoing communications with State/Federal guidance and issues of local importance
    • Hospitality House is prepared to offer supportive placement for homeless individuals in need of quarantine
  1. Coordinate with Emergency Shelter Providers
    In addition to Hospitality House, connections have been made with Sierra Roots, the Truckee Warming Shelter, the North San Juan Warming Shelter and Salvation Army
    • Public Health is providing guidance on shelter protocols to limit transmission of COVID-19
    • The County is providing resources and education to shelter coordinators and staff in relation to COVID-19 per best practices
    • The County is communicating State/Federal guidance and issues of local importance
    a. Support placement of individuals in need of quarantine
  2. Create a fact sheet with helpful information on COVID-19 and Homelessness
    • Complete – See attachments.
    • Link:×14-PDF
  3. Procure placement resources for individuals in need of quarantine
    • Quarantine resources for homeless individuals are extremely limited, and available in cases of necessity.
    • Placements will be authorized through service providers and approved by the County’s Department Head over Homeless/Housing services
    • Motel Reservations are in place as of March 14th
    • Identify additional resources
  4. Communication Strategy
    • Service Providers in need of support, resources and placement should contact the Homeless/Housing Department Head. Contact information to be provided directly to service providers.
    • is the best resource for up to date local information, links to State/Federal information, and links to guidance on COVID-19 in general, and specific to Homelessness
  1. Links to Federal/State Guidance
    • US Interagency Council on Homelessness:
    • CA Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency Guidance:
    • Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers:
    • County page with local information and links to federal/state info:
    • California Department of Public Health (CDPH) COVID-19 Page:
    • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Page:
    • CDPH Mass Gathering Guidance: