NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 9, 2016 – Nevada County’s Measure A, a sales tax to finance the library system, passes the required threshold of a two-thirds affirmative vote in the last update on election night. Measure B, asking voters’ approval to issue bonds for school infrastructure, appears to have that approval at this time. However, the absentee and provisional ballots still remaining to be counted could change the outcome.

Measure A – Library system

Measure A received 23,060 Yes votes, 68.99% of the 34,728 ballots counted as of tonight. Early voting by 1,590 registered voters gave the measure a comfortable 78.71% lead. Election day voting by 7,402 polling place voters favored the Yes vote by 70.60%. Absentee voters whose 20,922 ballots were counted on election day were less enthusiastic with 14,068 Yes votes and 6,854 No votes, respectively 67.24% and 32.76%. The passage of the measure now hinges on the ballots still to be counted.

Measure B – School bonds

Measure B, asking for voter approval to issue bonds, received 15,775 Yes Votes, 54.18%. Here, early voting by 1,039 registered voters gave the measure a sizeable 65.97% lead. Election day voting by 4,637 voters still had the measure leading by 54.40%. 10,099 absentee voters  represent 53.10% of the Yes votes.

Nevada City’s Measure C wins big

Measure C, a sales tax measure to fund three public safety positions, enjoyed strong support from the get-go with 76.00% of early voters casting a Yes vote. Election day voters were even more favorably inclined with 81.59% of Yes votes. Absentee voters endorsed the measure enthusiastically with 86.13%of their votes in the Yes column.

Ballots not yet tabulated

As of publication time, no estimate was available from the Elections Office, but this reporter estimates some 17,000+ ballots remain to be counted. We will revise this estimate by tomorrow afternoon with an update from the Elections Office.

The Elections Office has 30 days to count the remaining absentee ballots, rule on the provisional ballots issued on election day and duplicate any damaged ballots.

The final update on election night for all Nevada County contests:

Nevada County cumulative unofficial election night results by YubaNet on Scribd

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