Photo YubaNet

NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 14, 2017 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors honored the board and members of the Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM) for their 30 years of service.

The resolution reads, in part, “The impetus for Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM) began with Mary Chan’s trip to Hong Kong, China and the Philippines in 1981 which provided her the notion that “charity begins at home.” Mary Chan founded Operation Blessings that collected food at local grocery stores, Luckys and Safeway, and distributing donated food out of a small house through the fiscal support of the Saint Patrick’s Church and Calvary Bible Church. Operation Blessings grew to currently feed at least 3,500 client families annually and in 1987 resulted in the formation of the IFM through the collaboration between fifteen community churches.

In 2016, IFM provided 992,534 bags of groceries to 7,621 clients including holiday meals to 476 families at Easter, 909 families at Thanksgiving and 726 families at Christmas.

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors unanimously proclaimed 2017 as Interfaith Food Ministry’s 30th Anniversary; Feeding Families, Fueling Hope for 30 years.