NEVADA CITY, Calif. January 24, 2017 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors recognized county employees for their 5-30 year tenures with Nevada County. The annual ceremony took place this morning in the Board Chambers. Human Resources Director Charlie Wilson kicked off the ceremony noting the 101 employees recognized today collectively served Nevada County for over 12 centuries.

Editor’s note: Our thanks to all county staff and congratulations to all the awardees.

Five Years of Service

Steven Baker, Public Works-Roads Division
Laurie Brunckhorst, Social Services Department
Tyler Deschaine, Public Works-Roads Division
Suzanne Doyle, Health and Human Services Agency
Tamara Fadel, Social Services Department
Michelle Ferreira, Treasurer – Tax Collector’s Office
Adam Greene, Information Systems
Susan Horne, Assessor
Cynthia Key, Public Health Department
Rolf Kleinhans, Sheriff’s Office-Admin Support Services
Stacy Manning, CDA-Building Inspection
Pamela McGirr, District Attorney’s Office-Victim Witness Program
Cindy Morgan, Behavioral Health Department
Cindy Pawlowski, Library Branch 1 – M Helling
Randy Pillow, Public Works-Roads Division
Lisa Richardson, Behavioral Health Department
Homero Romero, Agriculture Services
Joann Snyder, Probation Department
Vicki Wills, Assessor’s Office

10 Years of Service

Sandra Balzer, Purchasing
Maryellen Beauchamp, Public Health Department
Britt Broadhurst, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Daniel Brown, Public Works-Roads Division
Kelly Carpenter, Social Services Department
Daniel Chatigny, CDA Admin
Farrah Cossairt, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Rodney Cummins, Fleet Services
Deborah Curtis, Information Systems
Michael Davidson, Public Works-Roads Division
Cynthia Frey, Department of Child Support Services
Roberta George, CDA Admin
Russell Greene, Sheriff’s Office-Operations
Ryan Gruver, County Executive Office
Karen Heggarty, Social Services Department
Michael Heggarty, Health and Human Services Agency
Sharon Hicks, Department of Child Support Services
Claire Holdaway, Information Systems
Joshua Hylinski, Fleet Services
Darlene King, Health and Human Services Agency
Linnea Kosbab, Madelyn Helling Library
Zelma Lewis, Public Defender’s Office
Billie Lewis, Transit
Jennifer Loper, Social Services Department
Elizabeth Nielsen, Health and Human Services Agency
Jessica Norvel,l Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Genielle Odom, Health and Human Services Agency
Laura Pappani, Library
Shane Peltzer, Sheriff’s Office-Court Security
Christine Peters, Clerk Recorder’s Office
Martin Polt, County Executive Office
Karin Pranckitas, Public Defender’s Office
Angeline Purwin, Department of Child Support Services
Sandra Ramos, Health And Human Services Agency
Jason Robertson, Social Services Department
Daryl Schlief, Public Works-Roads Division
Wendy Shingle, Public Defender’s Office
Carol Smith Public ,Health Department
Michael Sullivan, Sheriff’s Office-Operations
Michael Tomney, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Douglas Wren, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Tamara Zuromskis, Public Defender’s Offices

15 Years of Service

Mary Aguilar, Department of Child Support Services
Beth Andrews, Social Services Department
Alisa Austin, Grass Valley Library
Carol Babson, Information Systems
Angie Bayne, Clerk Recorder’s Office
Michael Ertola, Probation Department
Kelly Flecksteiner, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Elmer Gielow, Information Systems
Dawn Graves, Public Health Department
David Huff, Environmental Health
Randal Langer, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Alison Lehman, County Executive Office
Joseph McCormack, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Steven Muehlberg, Social Services Department
Daniel Murry, Information Systems
William Nelson, Information Systems
Matthew Preszler, Behavioral Health Department
Jody Schutz, Public Defender’s Office
Sheree Thompson, Assessor
Susan Valencia, Public Health Department
Tina Vernon, Treasurer – Tax Collector
Barbara Weeden, Social Services Department
Zsa Zsa Wied, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections
Kim Williamson, Department of Public Works-Admin
Stacy Zachary, Sheriff’s Office-Corrections

20 Years of Service

Brian Rhodes, CDA Admin
Kathryn Jacobs, County Counsel
James Phillips, District Attorney’s Office
Tom Coburn, Facilities Management

25 Years of Service

Michael Eccarius, Fleet Services
Rodney Kahele, Juvenile Hall
David Humphreys, Public Defender’s Office
Marc Mikan, Roads Engineering
Lori Greene, Sheriff Office-Corrections
Guy Selleck, Sheriff Office-Court Security

30 Years of Service

Robert Donnenwirth, Transit


Loletta Hadel, District Attorney’s Office-Victim Witness Program

The two 30-year awardees received their certificates and a designated parking spot.