Nevada County Superintendent of Schools first Academic Tournament of the 2021-2022 school year was a huge success!  Nine local schools participated on Thursday, October 14th for the annual 7th Grade Geography Tournament. Schools nominated teams of three students who gathered at their school sites to collaborate on a proctored multiple choice 100-point test covering local, state, U.S. and world geography. The tests were then scored by the offsite Geography Tournament Committee.

7th grade 1st place Team Winners from Seven Hills( Left to right: Sam Schug, Principal Seven Hills Middle School; Tim Floyd, Teacher; Students – Zanyon Glosser Jason Dion, Gilbert Brailey with Dan Zeisler, Geography Tournament Coordinator and NCSOS’ Associate Superintendent, Teena Corker.

We are proud to announce the FINAL WINNERS.

1st place Team Champion: Seven Hills

 Zanyon Glasser, Gilbert Brailey, Jason Dion

2nd place: Grass Valley Charter

Sawyer Maddux, Ruby Auld, Eylse Moore

3rd place: Magnolia

Ella DesAutels, Jaylen Hale, Jackson Telliano

The multiple-choice test was then followed two weeks later by a 7th Grade Individual Geography Bee held on Thursday, October 28th, at the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools office.  One student from each school team participated in a triple elimination format contest. There were seven participating schools.

(left to right) Ella DesAutels Individual Bee Champion from Magnolia Intermediate, Erika Schwab 2nd place winner from Chicago Park and Liam Coley 3rd place winner from Clear Creek School.

Individual Geography Bee Awards were awarded to:

1st place Champion: Ella DesAutels of Magnolia Intermediate

2nd place: Erika Schwab of Chicago Park School

3rd place: Liam Coley of Clear Creek Elementary School