Grass Valley, Calif. – Nevada Irrigation District (NID) drinking water continues to meet and exceed state and federal public health standards.

The District has released its Annual Water Quality Report (also known as the Consumer Confidence Report), which summarizes water quality monitoring and testing programs for the 2021 calendar year.

NID water treatment plant map

The information focuses on water supplied through the Elizabeth L. George, Loma Rica, Lake Wildwood, Lake of The Pines, and North Auburn water treatment plants.

“We take pride in delivering the best-quality drinking water at the lowest cost possible, and are proud that our latest Consumer Confidence Report confirms that our actions are having such a positive effect,” said Chip Close, NID operations manager.

The District treated and distributed more than 3.1 billion gallons of surface water in 2021. This water originates in the Sierra Nevada snowpack and is routed through canals and pipes to NID’s water treatment plants.

In addition to effective operation and maintenance of the drinking water distribution system, NID also conducts weekly water quality testing in its system to ensure that drinking water continues to meet state and federal requirements.

Water testing at E George plant

NID’s water quality report is an important part of the public’s right-to-know as established in the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA, section 1414(c)). Community water systems (CWSs) are required by Federal regulations (63 FR 44511, August 19, 1998) to provide the annual report.

To read the 2021 report, click here.