Grass Valley, CA., March 3, 2023 – In the aftermath of the recent winter storm, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) crews are working in the ice and snow to clear debris and snow from infrastructure that delivers water to District customers.

1. An NID hydroelectric plant operator trudges through snow to inspect the Scott’s Flat Dam and powerhouse.

The crews have been braving extreme conditions to ensure water is not obstructed in canals, and to ensure the District’s delivery system and hydropower facilities are functioning. This includes removing debris and fallen trees, plowing to ensure access, and conducting constant inspections.

“Our crews are out there working hard to minimize disruptions to the NID system. Certainly, they aren’t performing the easiest of tasks under challenging conditions. NID Maintenance personnel take pride in their work, as well they should,” said Steve Prosser, Director of Maintenance.

NID provides water, delivered through open canals, for irrigation to fields and farms in Nevada and Placer counties. It treats drinking water for residents throughout the area. In addition, the District generates hydropower.

A hydro maintenance technician has a busy day to make sure access is ensured to NID’s hydropower facilities.

“During inclement weather, most customers don’t realize our workers show up to work and go beyond the call of duty. It’s necessary. And it’s these extra steps that NID is pleased to take as your trusted water district,” said Greg Jones, District Assistant Manager.