October 12, 2018 – There is nothing more vital to our community than a secure water resource. Water irrigates our farms, offers protection from fire, helps power our economy, sustains the environment and flows from our faucets. A complex system delivers our water, and it’s a tough resource to manage in a drought-prone state like California. That’s why long-term water resource planning is an urgent issue for all of us.

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) believes that we can best plan our water future by teaming up and collaborating with water users. To do this, we have initiated a process called Plan for Water. This process will develop strategic options, or pathways, that reflect a balanced mix of community perspectives.

The process will be driven by four working groups that make up the Plan for Water Team. The public is invited to be part of the 30-member community representatives group. NID personnel and specialty consultants will contribute the technical resources needed. Facilitation will guide the team, ensuring an open input process where all ideas are discussed and can be developed into potential pathway solutions. All pathways produced by the team will be presented to the NID Board of Directors to consider for the Raw Water Master Plan Update.

Learn more about the process and how to get involved at PlanforWater.org.