September 7, 2018 – The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Board of Directors has selected a facilitating firm and technical firm to support the District’s update to the Raw Water Master Plan (RWMP), which projects future water supply and demand conditions and develops alternatives to meet those needs

During a Sept. 6 special meeting, Directors authorized a contract with the Kolbe Company, based in West Sacramento. Kolbe facilitators use a Technology of Participation (ToP) process that is inclusive and designed to find common understanding among varied viewpoints. The methodology includes focused conversation for shared awareness, consensus workshops to produce thoughtful agreement and strategic planning to form the basis for informed action.

The lead facilitator, Heidi Kolbe, is a leading expert in ToP processes with extensive facilitation experience throughout many industries. The co-facilitator, Jay Madigan, also has vast facilitating experience with water utilities nationally and internationally.

In addition, NID Directors authorized a contract with HDR, which is knowledgeable about the District’s systems and operations, to provide technical data support and expertise throughout the process. This will include technical memorandums that will feature, for example, analyses of hydrology, demand and supply, as well as alternative evaluations requested by an advisory committee comprised of community representatives.

Read more about the update process here.

One reply on “NID Raw Water Master Plan update: facilitator and technical consultant selected”

  1. It’s a nicely written press release, but it fails to tell the reader that the solicitation and evaluation processes were designed to not include the public in them. As usual, NID management and staff did not take the Request for Proposals to the Board or public for review and comment. Instead, they developed and circulated them with no Board or public input. Then they evaluated the proposals with only NID staff. Then they prepared an agenda item that said nothing about the solicitation process or the criteria used to evaluate the proposals; let alone how the proposals were ranked.
    So as usual this process was shrouded in secrecy. But apparently that’s what the Board likes, because except for Ms. Weber, very few questions were asked before they awarded the $800,000 (that’s right $800,000) contract.
    It’s time for change at NID. Candidates committed to transparency are running for 3 the 3 seats. Pick a candidate you like and support them with your time and treasure!

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