GRASS VALLEY, Calif. July 13, 2018 – Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is updating its Raw Water Master Plan (RWMP) to identify a vision and develop alternatives to meet our community’s water needs for the next 50 years. Alternatives will be developed and presented as pathways for the Board of Directors to discuss and select.

The process includes a facilitated community involvement component to review planning data and help develop alternative pathways.

NID has released a request for proposals to facilitation firms and is in the process of evaluating the proposals. The recommended facilitator is expected to be presented to the District’s Administrative Practices Committee and then the Board of Directors in late August/early September of 2018.

Once the facilitator is under contract, the process will begin to identify and convene an advisory committee. This group will represent a wide range of community identities to provide a voice to as many segments of our diverse community as possible, which will be key to the success of the process.