January 26, 2018 – Despite the recent weather and poor driving conditions near Scotts Flat, NID will continue with the project walk this morning at 9:00 am beginning at Gate 1, Scotts Flat Campground. We understand some may not be able to attend this morning’s walk. We will soon schedule a 2nd opportunity to walk the project as the weather and road conditions improve.

The Scotts Flat North Forestry Project will remove fire fuels and harvest merchantable timber on the north shore of Scotts Flat as identified in the District’s 2013 Timber Harvest Plan (THP). The Project will primarily target Campgrounds 1 and 2 while treating adjacent NID property for fire reduction. As part of our implementation activities, we will be walking the project beginning at Gate 1, Scotts Flat Campground. We welcome property owners to join the District during this site walk to provide any feedback to the District or to ask questions.