January 11, 2019 – Effective immediately, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) announces an arrangement to lend a helping hand to Federal employee customers who are impacted by the extended government shutdown. NID will work with these customers to protect their accounts, develop a payment plan and forego any fees and penalties associated with late payments. NID will allow affected customers to delay payment until they are returned to paid status then use a payment plan option to address past-due amounts.

“NID is here to support our government employee customers whose revenue is impacted by the government shutdown,” said NID General Manager Rem Scherzinger.

The hardship arrangement is for NID customers who are employees of an affected federal government agency. Customers may call NID customer service at (530) 273-6185 to learn more.

Friday marks the first time many federal employees will not see a paycheck due to the partial government shutdown. NID will provide our Federal employees with support during these difficult times.

2 replies on “NID to keep the water on for Federal employees”

  1. This is not a regional news article. It’s a press release. Either post this stuff in a separate category or re-write the article using the press release as a source. News is news. This is not news. It’s PR. Yubanet routinely allows NID to push “news” through like this and it should cease.

    1. Jordan, the byline clearly states it is an NID release. That is a normal practice. News releases that have value to our readers are published with the byline of the organization or agency that sends them.

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