Grass Valley, Calif. October 19, 2017 – A number of options to reduce illegal activities while continuing to allow access across Scotts Flat Dam spillway were proposed during last night’s special meeting of the Nevada Irrigation District’s Water and Hydroelectric Operations Committee.

About 80 people attended the public workshop to share their thoughts and ideas about how to continue public access on NID’s facility. The district installed fencing and a gate across the top of and along the edge of the spillway in August after being prompted by increased regulatory, safety and health concerns, including unsafe jumping into the lake, illegal camping and campfires, excessive trash and graffiti.

NID staff will conduct an internal review of the numerous ideas presented and an ad hoc committee will be formed to further discuss the issue and explore alternatives. An ad hoc committee may be comprised of representatives from local organizations including, Cascade Shores Homeowners Association, Bear Yuba Land Trust, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Forest Trails Alliance, Single Track Action Riders, Sierra Express Bike Racing Team, Bicyclists of Nevada County, and other community leaders.