June 9, 2017 – I attended  Preserve 174 meeting Wednesday night at the Peardale Fire house on Rt 174 where many local residents were in attendance.  They are passionate and vocal about Caltrans project to widen and straighten parts of Rt 174. The project has been funded and Caltrans is ready to roll.

On the Caltrans web page, it states: The project proposes to realign several curves, widen shoulders, add a left-turn lane at Greenhorn Access Rd, and improve the Clear Recovery Zone (CRZ) on State Route (SR) 174 from post mile PM 2.7 to PM 4.6 in Nevada County, California

What they don’t say is that this project will “pave over paradise and put up a parking lot.”  The project will, in the eyes of the local residents:

  • Change the rural nature of our county by adding large concrete margins along the road
  • Cut 1300 trees
  • Increase speed despite posted speed limits. Straightening the route only encourages people to drive faster and dangerous tailgating is an every trip occurrence.
Many of the folks in attendance in this second meeting live on 174 and will have less of their property after these changes. Some property owners said that an Environmental assessment was not made of their property, citing a certain aquatic species in their pond. Others said there are better, more environmentally-friendly solutions which Caltrans hasn’t considered. At this point, the group wants the project to stop.
Heidi Hall, District 1 Supervisor, was in attendance and offered information on the protocol for public comments at the start of each Supes meeting.
Many of the attendees will show up at the Nevada County Board of Supervisors Meeting on 9:00 a.m. Tuesday June 13 to offer their 3 allotted minutes to inform and possibly educate the Supervisors about their plight. They would like to get the whole community involved to help preserve a beautiful rural road.

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  1. I agree and support the rural homeowners. I drive Hwy 174 often and always enjoy the beauty and relaxed pace. I routinely pull over for those in a hurry. I very much object to the tree removal. I live in Placer County and don’t recall ever being asked about our response to this project. Why must our beautiful area keep being ruined by old men decision makers living in the past. It is time to put on the brakes and look with gratitude at what we have here regarding the quality of life. More is not better and faster can be fatal.

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