Nevada City, Calif. – The US Forest Service has released an updated Tahoe National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map. The Motor Vehicle Use Map displays all permissible opportunities for off-high motorized use including single track riding and ATV/UTV family fun. The Map also provides seasonal operational dates for all Tahoe National Forest routes, trails, and roads. A few highlights and reminders:

  • The updated Motor Vehicle Use Maps can be downloaded at and opened with applications such as Avenza. Apps like these facilitate geo-location in the field utilizing smartphones or other devices. No cell coverage needed.
  • Some specific roads are managed as groomed over-snow routes in the winter.
  • The Burlington and Sugar Pine OHV trail systems are now being managed under a new, ‘pilot’ wet weather open/closed status as opposed to fixed operational dates. To learn more about these pilot programs and their current status, please visit or call 530-288-3231 ext. 243 (Burlington OHV) or 530-367-2224 ext. 228 (Sugar Pine).


OHV Meadow Damage, January 2021, near Stampede Reservoir

With the low precipitation and snow levels so far in winter 2020-2021, Off-Highway Vehicle enthusiasts have been utilizing the Tahoe National Forest in uncharacteristically high numbers typical for this time of year. Unfortunately, resource damage is occurring. We thank all those adhering to regulations and protecting resources. Please remember the following:

  • Routes free from snow may be passable in the morning but thaw as the day progresses. You will get stuck and/or damage your public roads for future use if used during closures.
  • Not all closed routes are blocked with gates or posted with ‘closed’ signs. Please consult the Motor Vehicle Use map to learn more about seasonal operation dates. It is your responsibility to know the operational status of a route.
  • Do not operate motorized vehicles outside of established routes. The reckless riding of a few can cause resource damage that lasts for years and leads to further restrictions for all riders and enthusiasts.