AN FRANCISCO, Calif. December 20, 2018 – As part of its commitment to help its customers and communities with the recovery and rebuilding process, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) said yesterday that nearly all customers in Paradise and surrounding areas who are able to receive electric service have now been restored. Since Camp Fire restoration started, approximately 10,000 electric customers who can receive service now have power.

On Sunday, December 16, PG&E crews restored electric service to essentially all customers who can receive power within the fire footprint, with work continuing this week to reach a few isolated homes and businesses.

Gas service restoration efforts continue on schedule, and most customers who can receive gas service are expected to be restored by next month with all customers projected to be restored by March 2019.

Individual restorations for electric or gas service in the fire-impacted area may not be possible. In those instances, PG&E will be working with local leaders on a longer-term plan to rebuild the electric and gas system.

“Restoring electricity and gas is an essential first step on the journey to rebuild the community devastated by this fire. As we gain access to the areas deemed safe, we’re inspecting infrastructure, determining the extent of the damage and restoring gas and electric service to those who can receive it,” said Aaron Johnson, a PG&E vice president of Electric Operations.

PG&E has suspended all customer disconnections and credit/collection activities in area affected by the fires. As we move forward with our long-term rebuilding plans, we are also working closely with the town of Paradise and Butte County to ensure that the infrastructure reconstruction effort fully aligns with their strategy for rebuilding these communities.

Customers with questions in the region can contact PG&E customer service directly at 1-800-PGE-5000 and select the Camp Fire prompt.