PARADISE, Calif. June 14, 2019 – Contract tree inspectors working for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) are conducting regular annual patrols in Paradise through late July to check for trees and branches growing too close to power lines.

The annual patrols and work are required by state law. PG&E performs this work throughout its service area along distribution power lines.

First, contract tree inspectors identify branches or trees too close to power lines and schedule them for pruning or cutting down. A few days later, contract tree crews will prune branches and cut trees.

While the work is separate from PG&E’s removal of hazardous trees damaged in the Camp Fire, inspectors will also be looking for any trees that may not have survived since the fire and if they pose a potential threat to power lines, the trees will be cut down.

If customers wish to keep the logs, they can notify PG&E that they wish them to be left on site. Otherwise the logs will be hauled away at no cost to customers.

Tree pruning and cutting will continue through August.

Customers with questions may contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.