PG&E crews continue to restore power in hard-hit Nevada County after heavy, low-elevation snowstorms caused power outages to thousands.  PG&E continues to restore power using out-of-area crews and contractors to assist local teams so power can be restored more quickly — a total of about 600 personnel.  

Additional teams will remain in Nevada County even as the incoming rain and higher-elevation snow storm is expected to cause more power outages throughout Northern and Central California. PG&E will continue to focus additional crews in hard-hit areas like Nevada County.  

Deep snow and downed trees remain along many smaller roads, making it time-consuming and more difficult for crews to reach remaining power outages. 

PG&E has revised its estimated time of restoration for some customers as crews reported new damage and difficult access in more remote areas. 

While power will continue to be restored today and each day following, near-complete restoration will be on Saturday rather than tonight (March 8).  

As of Wednesday morning, about 5,300 PG&E customers are without power in Nevada County. Each day crews restore power to hundreds of customers and are mainly working in hard-to-access areas with smaller roads that remain snowed in or blocked by fallen trees. 

To reach these areas, crews use snow cats, side-by-side vehicles, snowshoes and even bulldozers to clear roads and tree crews to remove downed trees for access.