August 24, 2020 – In October 2005, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office investigated the murder of 27-year-old Christie Lynn Wilson. The investigation ultimately resulted in the arrest of Mario Garcia. The Placer County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted Garcia, and after a trial, he was convicted of first-degree murder. Despite extensive searches throughout Placer and Nevada counties, Christie’s remains were not found. Efforts to find her remains have been ongoing until last week.

Over a period of four days last week, detectives with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and investigators with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office conducted additional searches at Garcia’s former residence in Auburn, CA. They scanned the four-and-a-half-acre lot using Ground Penetrating Radar technology and identified several areas of interest.

Detectives and investigators searching one of those areas located and recovered skeletal remains which were brought to the Placer County Morgue for examination. Dental records have confirmed the remains found on the property, formerly owned by Garcia, are those of Christie Wilson. Notifications have been made to Christie Wilson’s family.

We hope bringing Christie to a final resting place will help with the family’s mourning and will bring some closure to all who knew and loved Christie.