Beginning the week of Monday, February 28th, contractors hired by the Placer County Resource Conservation District (RCD) will be conducting a pile burning project in Applegate, California. This work is part of the ongoing Placer County Coordinated Fuel Break, a CAL FIRE funded fuels reduction project to protect rural Placer County communities from the effects of catastrophic wildfire.

Placer County RCD pile burn

Piles consist mainly of French broom and some understory native brush that was removed during fuel break implementation. The RCD aims to burn about 300 piles in approximately five days, depending on weather and burn-day status. Smoke may be visible near Boole and Cerro Vista Roads in Applegate on burn days during the week of February 28th.

The RCD has worked closely with the Air District to prepare a Smoke Management Plan and acquire a burn permit. The weather forecast will be evaluated prior to and during ignition to ensure conditions remain favorable for fire safety and smoke dispersal. Piles have been covered and material has had sufficient time to dry, which will lower the production of unwanted smoke. Emergency services in the area will be notified prior to ignition.

The RCD is dedicated to working with multiple agencies to conduct safe, effective fuels reduction for community protection. For questions and concerns, please contact Allison Erny at, or call the Placer RCD at 530-390-6680.