QUINCY, Calif. August 30, 2019 – All Plumas National Forest offices will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 2. Despite the office closures, the Forest remains open and ready to be enjoyed by visitors with plenty of places to camp, picnic, and play.

Tips to help ensure you and your family have an enjoyable holiday include:

  • Forest offices will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, September 3. Fire stations are staffed seven days a week; always call 911 to report a fire.
  • In the event of an emergency, telephone landlines are the most reliable means of calling 911. The increased number of cell phone calls during holidays often strains rural telecommunication systems, sometimes creating problems making a call. There are also many areas within the forest that do not have cell phone reception. Be situationally aware and have a back-up plan for emergencies.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended and make sure your coals are cool to the touch before you leave it. Fire restrictions are in place for the PNF; see https://bit.ly/346xGSJ.
  • Secure trailer chains; don’t let them drag on the pavement and cause sparks.
  • Expect heavier vehicle traffic in and around the area. Drive defensively and slow down if the road is dusty. Watch for (but don’t feed) the animals!
  • Please leave fireworks at home as they are illegal to possess or use on any National Forest lands.

Have a safe and happy vacation on the beautiful Plumas National Forest!