October 24, 2018 – The Truckee Ranger District of Tahoe National Forest is planning on prescribed burning 100 acres Wednesday, October 24th near Sagehen Creek on Hwy 89 North, west of the highway.

The ignition of this prescribed fire unit will only take place as long as weather parameters, fuel conditions, and smoke dispersal remains favorable and within the parameters of the prescribed fire plan.

After the controlled underburn is completed, the area is patrolled and monitored daily by Tahoe National Forest wildland fire fighters. Patrolling and monitoring is part of the whole plan and is carried out by qualified wildland fire fighters until the area has had enough precipitation that all smoldering logs are out.

Remember, we live in the fire dependent ecosystem of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When we plan and control the where, when and how fires are ignited, we reduce the threat of wildfire to our community and our forest.

Please use additional caution if traveling in these area. Expect lowered visibility especially in the evening/ night/ early morning as smoke may hang in low laying areas and drainages.