The Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission invites the public to check out the recently restored Kiosk in the Glenbrook Shopping Center parking lot. Glenbrook Basin, for years the center of recreation in western Nevada County, was declared a historical landmark by the Board of Supervisors in 1993. The Landmarks Commission then erected an informational Kiosk in the Glenbrook Center’s parking lot.

Over the years, some of the information and photos began to fade, making them nearly impossible to read, so the Kiosk was refreshed and restored by our very own commissioner, Bruce Boyd.

Glenbrook Kiosk

The newly painted kiosk features historic photos, a map of the Brunswick Basin area with historic features, and a few paragraphs about the history of the Basin so many of us frequent. In its new state, shoppers can get a brief history lesson on what kind of recreation used to happen in the area in which they are working, shopping, and living.

The purpose of the Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission is to promote the general welfare of Nevada County and its citizens through official recognition, recording, marking, preserving, and promoting the historical resources of Nevada County.