NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 7, 2016 – The Sierra Harvest Farm Institute has launched! Apply now for Farm Crew and spend the 2017 season working and learning on sustainable farms in Nevada County! Launching or own a new agricultural business? Sign up for Farm Biz and hone your business management skills. Looking for land or own land suitable for agriculture? Contact Land Match and we’ll help find you land or match your site with a farmer or rancher in need of land.

Did you know that, according to the USDA Census of Agriculture, working farm and ranch land in Nevada County dropped from 70,167 acres to 42,114 acres? And that in 2015, the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Crop Report of 2015 reported a decrease of $1.2 million in the gross production value of all agricultural products in the county. While these numbers are just one piece of the picture of our local agricultural businesses, they show the challenges of owning a farm in the foothills. The Sierra Harvest Farm Institute is launching programs to support farmers and ranchers in Nevada County to be prosperous and successful.


Hone your skills with Farm Crew! Apply now to join a cohort of early-career farmers working and learning on sustainable farms throughout Nevada County. You’ll spend 20-30 hours per week working (at minimum wage) for a local farm and an additional 10 hours each week independently learning farming skills of your choice! Whether it is learning to repair a tractor, tending a hive of bees, planting a native plant hedgerow, learning to manage a farm office, or mastering the art of bouquet making, we will support you to follow your passion! Farm Crew members will be a part of a cohort of folks learning and working on farms and ranches throughout the region and gathering weekly for community events and advanced production skills courses. This series of workshops will be taught in the field by local experts. To learn more and apply, visit us at:


If you have experienced the production side of farming and ranching and are ready to launch or refine your farm business, it’s time to apply for Farm Biz!! This course is designed to help you learn the business management and decision making skills necessary to infuse prosperity into your operation. Attending classes lead by local business professionals, you’ll not only gain the savvy necessary to confidently start a farm or ranch business, you’ll also create the components to manage with success: a production plan, budget, marketing strategy, website and more! To learn more and apply, go to:


Looking for farmland to start or expand your business? Check out Land Match, a listing of available agricultural land in Nevada County. If you have a piece of land that may be suitable for agriculture, get in touch with us and we’ll have someone come out for a site visit. All viable properties will be added to our online, searchable database. If you’re a farmer or rancher looking for land to start or expand your operations, check out the properties that have been offered by community members. You’ll be surprised how much agricultural land is open in our county!

Whether you’re a producer, an eater, a lover or things local or an open space enthusiast, we would love to have your help in creating a robust local food system with prosperous farmers and ranchers at its core.


Sierra Harvest is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal foods. We accomplish this by offering farm to school programming, supporting farm fresh school meals, mentoring aspiring farmers and gardeners, celebrating our local food community and advocating for just, sustainable food systems.

We educate over 6,400 students with a vibrant, enriching experience and do so with the support of individuals, business sponsors, and public funding.


What: Farm Crew and Farm Biz application due

When: by November 30th, 2016

Where: apply online at