Photo courtesy Holly Mau

NEVADA CITY, Calif. January, 10, 2017 – A sinkhole has developed in the Stonehouse Restaurant parking lot, adjacent to a still swelling Deer Creek. A seasonal stream feeding into the creek has overwhelmed the capacity of the drain outflow and created the hazard.

The parking lot is closed and emergency services request the public refrain from approaching the area on foot.

Many thanks to reader Holly Mau for sharing her video with us!

YouTube video

4 replies on “Sinkhole develops in Nevada City parking lot (video)”

  1. That used to be an open channel for Little Deer Creek to flow through until Don Walcutt paved it over (with no permits) in the 1980s to combine the Old Brewery Parking Lot and Smokey’s Gas Station. He put in a small culvert which immediately caused flooding in the next big storm. He then put in a larger culvert but that still couldn’t prevent water from going around it and eroding the base under the parking lot. Mother Nature doing what Mother Nature does. Maybe the open channel worked all those years for a reason.

  2. Thank you Cathy. I am glad a few of who remember Nevada City before the Freeway still remember how things were.

  3. It’s grown. There’s no crossing the intersection of Sacramento/Nevada and Boulder/Broad. I’m not simply speaking of cars. I mean in each and every way. Travel by boat or not.

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