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NEVADA CITY, Calif. Feb. 7, 2017 – During the January storms, a sinkhole opened up in the Stonehouse parking lot. Deer Creek and Little Deer Creek flooded the intersection of Nevada, Boulder, Sacramento and Broad Streets and caused huge damage to Lefty’s Restaurant. With repairs almost completed, last night’s rain dashed the hopes of a quick reopening of the popular eatery.

Today, flood waters lapped once more over the lower patio at Lefty’s, much to the consternation of passersby. The restaurant owners and staff moved most of the kitchen appliances to the upper floor, but seeing the murky waters of Deer Creek flooding the patio again is not what anyone was expecting.

Across the street, the Stonehouse parking lot sports a jagged tear from Little Deer Creek into a third of the parking lot. Flood waters are rushing underneath, unimpeded by a retaining wall torn out by the force of last night’s rain.

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  1. Our hearts are aching for the Lefty’s owners and staff. Our community is counting the days until we can return to one of our favorite gathering places.

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