NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 28, 2017 – Do you love fresh, locally grown food?  Join us for dinner and enjoy a hearty soup made by Summer Thyme’s Bakery and Deli using local produce and enjoy this remarkable community with live music by the Rayo’s!  Delicious bread donated by the following local businesses: Flour Garden Bakery,  Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Co., and Summer Thyme’s Bakery and Deli and dessert fruit donated by the BriarPatch Co-op Market!
Please bring your own bowls and spoons. Local beer and wine along with non-alcoholic drinks will also be available for purchase.

The Rayos, featuring Saul and Elena Rayo, will be accompanied by an acoustic band with Lou Meyer, keyboards and vocals and Thomas Schuebel, guitar and vocals. The Rayos lay down great grooves on each original song, with musical styles from folk to blues to Afro-rhythms and South of the Border. Audiences especially love the energy between and harmonies of Saul and Elena. The distinct Rayos sound is back-porch blues meets world beat! So, bring your dancing feet.

Meet local farmers who offer direct sales of vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products and more.

Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017

5:30 – 6:30pm – Soup and Bread Served

6:30-8pm – fruit Dessert and Dancing

Location: Miners Foundry, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City
Suggested Donation: $10 for everyone 13 and above.  Free for kids under 13.
Participating Farms
Blue Oaks Ranch
Farmers: Ruth Bleau & Rafael
Foodie: Eric Bleau

Blue Oaks Ranch
is owned and operated by the Bleau Family, who pride themselves on their commitment to the health and happiness of all their animals.  They operate on the belief that “you can’t get healthy meat from sick animals,” and maintain a beautiful herd of Lowline Cattle, Katahdin Sheep, Nubian Dairy Goats, and Friesian Dairy Sheep, with a flock of gorgeous chickens, a couple of heritage breed pigs, and some dogs and cats to keep them company.  The ranch is all-organic; nothing is wasted, and the difference can be seen in the happy herds as well as tasted in the meats and cheeses they produce.  The Bleaus sell top-quality breeding stock and advocate for small acreage farmers who wish to raise their own food.  Located in Mustang Valley, a slice of heaven just off McCourtney Road, where it feels like the middle of nowhere but is really just a short drive to town.  Blue Oaks Ranch also hosts an AirBnB where visitors come and experience life on a working ranch.

Dinner Bell Farm
Farmers:  Molly Nakahara and Paul Glowaski
Dinner Bell Farm raises pasture-raised, heritage breed pork and beautiful, field-grown flowers on 35 acres in Chicago Park.  We sell right from the farm and at the Tahoe City Farmers Market, every Thursday June through September.   Wedding and event flowers are available June through October; from full-service weddings to bulk buckets, we love growing, arranging and sending you home with our beautiful blooms.
Early Bird Farm
Farmer:  Drew Speroni
Early Bird Farm was established in 2014. The four-and-a-half-acre farm is located in Nevada City, California. We meet the need of our local restaurants, grocery stores, wholesale distributors and a small CSA membership by providing fresh, locally grown produce such as carrots, melons, squash, corn, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, as well as sustainably raised meats such as pork and chicken. At Early Bird Farm we also mill whole grain wheat, corn and other grains into fresh flours for discerning professional chefs and home cooks, using a natural stone mill, the same way it has been produced for centuries.

Elster Ranch
Farmer:  Rob Thompson
The Elster Ranch, their love and respect for the land combined with the use of holistic management creates a thriving landscape. Their grassfed beef raised on nutrient dense pastures is unparalleled. You can taste the Elster difference.  Since 1880 four generations of Elster’s worked to improve the soil, support family traditions, and provide pasture based protein into Nevada and neighboring Counties.

Felix Gillet Institute
Nursery Manager:  Adam Nuber
The Felix Gillet Institute, a 501 (c) 3 non profit educational organization, was founded in 2003 by Amigo Bob Cantisano to identify, preserve and propagate the best of the varieties still thriving in the mining camps, farms, homesteads and towns of the Sierra, and elsewhere. True permaculture plants, these 125+ year survivors show great resistance to harsh weather, drought, insect and disease attack, and often produce remarkable, extremely flavorful crops with little or no human assistance.  We also research and educated the public on the legacy of Felix Gillet who was an important Nevada City Councilman and a most influential horticulturalist of the 1800’s.
First Rain Farm
Farmer:  Tim Van Wagner

First Rain Farm
is a diversified operation located just two miles outside of Nevada City on Rock Creek and Rector Rd. We offer a wide selection of certified organic vegetables and fruits which are available at the Nevada City Saturday Farmers Market, our Tuesday evening farm stand, Briarpatch Coop, and restaurants in downtown Nevada City. We manage a herd of Nubian dairy goats at the farm and the milk from these animals is provided to members of our “herdshare” program by pickup directly from the farm.

Mountain Bounty Farm
Farmers:  John Tecklin and Angie Tomey

Mountain Bounty is a 16-acre diversified organic
vegetable farm. The farm’s founder, John Tecklin started Mountain Bounty Farm in 1997. Since then Mountain Bounty has become an increasingly collaborative effort, with a team of farmers making decisions and working together. We grow an incredible diversity of vegetables, fruits and cut flowers for our year-round CSA program. We also sell to local stores and restaurants, and participate in the Nevada City Farmer’s Market.
RiverHill Farm
Farmers:  Alan Haight and Jo McProud

Riverhill Farm
 is a small, family farm located 3 miles from downtown Nevada City on Cement Hill Road.  We sell our certified organic produce at the Nevada City Farmers’ Market, the BriarPatch Co-op and at our on-farm farm stand.  We feature a full range of produce, including U-Pick berries. Our pre-paid shopping card may be used on purchases at the farm or farmers’ market and includes a 10% added value when purchased prior to May 1st.

Soil Sisters Farm
Farmers: Maise Ganz and Willow Hein

Soil Sisters Farm is an ecologically focused flower farm located just three miles outside Nevada City.  We provide locally grown flowers for weddings and events, sell at the Nevada City Farmers Market and provide a flower CSA for members to receive a bouquet once a week for 12 weeks during the summer.  We are a women-owned business, founded in 2010 with a commitment to using sustainable practices to grow high quality beautiful flowers.