NEVADA CITY, Calif. September 27, 2023 – Nevada City Police Department formally presented their newest Captain at tonight’s City Council meeting. Ruby has completed her Field Officer Training and was officially sworn in as a K9 Captain. She signed her oath of office with a paw print.

Raise your right paw please
Raise your right paw please.

Chief Dan Foss introduced the already famous bloodhound and her handler, Officer Greg Anderson, to the City Council. “Ruby was born in October, so she’s eleven months old now… so far she’s been amazing and everything we could ever hope for. She’s very lovable, she’s very friendly, and she is unbelievably gifted in the ability of tracking… I mean, the best I could describe it’s almost like there’s a rope attached to her nose that just drags her towards the scent and she is able to bypass anything in her path.”

Besides being trained as a police K9, Ruby apparently benefits from private ‘lessons’ in the office, according to Chief Foss: “I really think she’s going to be a benefit and a great asset to our community. Today, she was at the station all day. My staff love her and I heard a bunch of commotion going on and I came out there and said, what are you doing? Gaby [the deputy city clerk] was helping and they were teaching Ruby to howl on command, so in case we ever need that, she’s coming along quite well on that end, too. So with that, I’d love to swear in Ruby for her first day. As tradition dictates, she does have to outrank her handler. So this is her handler, Greg Anderson.”

City Clerk Niel Locke administered the oath of office to Ruby and Officer Anderson answered for his canine partner.

Welcome to the team Captain Ruby!