To protect natural resources and provide for public safety, the Tahoe National Forest has revised fire restrictions and implemented a new, temporary closure order on dispersed camping and target shooting effective Thursday September 16, 2021 at 12:00 AM through November 1, 2021. This Forest Order prohibits the following activities across the Tahoe National Forest:

No building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire.

  • The use of a portable lantern or stove using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel within a Developed Recreation Site (such as an official campground listed below) is allowed. A valid California Campfire Permit is also required

While popular activities such as hunting, hiking, boating, and other types of general recreation are now allowed across the Tahoe National Forest, Dispersed camping and Target Shooting prohibitions have been extended through November 1, 2021. These prohibitions include:

No camping outside of developed campgrounds. A list of open, developed campgrounds is provided below. There is one exception to this prohibition:

  • Dispersed camping within 300 feet of the Pacific Crest Trail is allowed.

No target shooting. Discharging a firearm,air rifle, or gas gun, except while engaged in a lawful hunt pursuant to state, and federal law and regulations, is prohibited.

No Smoking

  • Except within an enclosed vehicle or building, within an exempted Developed Recreation Site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material. 

Developed Recreation Sites

The following campgrounds are open and available to use stoves with a California Campfire Permit.


  1. Ahart Campground
  2. Big Reservoir Campground
  3. Brimstone OHV Staging Area
  4. Coyote Group Campground
  5. Forbes Creek Group Campground
  6. French Meadows Campground
  7. Gates Group Campground
  8. Giant Gap Campground
  9. Lewis Campground
  10. Manzanita Day Use Picnic Area
  11. Morning Star Campground
  12. Parker Flat Staging Area
  13. Shirttail Creek Campground
  14. Sugar Pine Staging Area.



1. Aspen Group Campground
2. Cold Creek Campground
3. Cottonwood Campground
4. East Meadows Campground
5. Findley Campground
6. Fir Top Campground
7. Lower Little Truckee Campground
8. Meadow Lake Campground
9. Meadow Lake Group Campground
10. Meadow Lake Shore Shoreline Sites
11. Pass Creek Campground
12. Pass Creek Overflow Campground
13. Silver Tip Group Campground
14. Upper Little Truckee Campground
15. Woodcamp Campground
16. Wheeler Sheep Camp


1. Boca Campground
2. Boca Rest Campground
3. Boca Springs Campground
4. Boyington Mill Campground
5. Emigrant Group Campground
6. Goose Meadows Campground
7. Granite Flat Campground
8. Lakeside Campground
9. Logger Campground
10. Prosser Campground
11. Prosser Ranch Group Campground
12. Silver Creek Campground


1. Berger Campground
2. Big Bend Campground
3. Cal Ida Campground
4. Camp Chrystalis
5. Canyon Creek Campground
6. Carlton Flat Campground
7. Carr/Feeley Lake Campground
8. China Flat Cabins
9. Convict Flat Day Use Area
10. Dark Day Campground/Day Use Area
11. Diablo Campground
12. High Sierra Schaffer Camp
13. Hornswoggle Campground
14. Fiddle Creek Campground
15. Fuller Lake Day Use Area
16. Hampshire Rocks Campground
17. Indian Springs Campground
18. Indian Valley Campground
19. Indian Valley Outpost
20. Jackson Creek Campground
21. Kokanee Cabins
22. Liahona Camp
23. Lindsey Lake Campground
24. Loganville Campground
25. Pack Saddle Campground
26. Packer Lake Day Use Area
27. Packer Lake Road Boy Scout Camp
28. Packer Lake Road Girl Scout Camp
29. Packer Lake Resort
30. Petra Spring Camp
31. Rocky Rest Campground
32. Rucker Lake Campground
33. San Francisco Field Campus
34. Sardine Campground
35. Sardine Lake Resort
36. Sand Pond Day Use Area
37. Salmon Creek Campground
38. Salmon Lake Resort
39. School House Campground
40. Skillman Campground
41. Sterling Lake Boy Scout Camp
42. Sterling Lake Campground
43. Union Flat Campground
44. White Cloud Campground
45. Wild Plum Campground

Read Forest Order No. 17-21-05