September 5, 2016 – Beginning every Fall, Yuba River lovers celebrate the start of a very special season.  If you journey to the waters’ edge in the Lower Yuba River, you’ll witness splashing tails, the cleaning of redds, and the end of a great journey from the ocean to source.  It’s the start of salmon spawning season.  Each year thousands of Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout return to the Yuba River to reproduce.  These fish, though different in many ways, are related.  They’re known as Salmonids.  They’re both anadromous, meaning they’re born in the river, become smolt and travel to the ocean, and return to the river to spawn or reproduce.  If you haven’t witnessed this incredible journey, take the opportunity this fall.  Join a SYRCL Salmon Tour, or visit the Lower Yuba to witness these awe-inspiring fish in their natural habitat.

This year, SYRCL will be reveling in more than the return of salmonids to the river, we are also celebrating the return of one of our popular assemblies, the Journey of the Salmonid.  Thanks to generous support by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this fun, educational assembly will once again be making a splash in schools.  The main characters Tiny, Flo, and the Fish Guy or Gal, will be teaching students about the amazing journey of Chinook Salmon and Steelhead, two native species that spawn in the Yuba and Sacramento Rivers.

The Return of the Salmonid is a science-based assembly targeting students in grades K-8.  It employs comedy, student participation, and standards-based learning to introduce students to the lifecycle of Steelhead Trout and Chinook Salmon from egg to spawning adult.  It also depicts the challenges these fish face to survive and the many ways humans can help them.   Students will learn about the impacts of dams, pollution, and the drought while discussing solutions to help these threatened and endangered species return to the river, spawning for generations of salmon and people to come.  This interactive presentation uses the life cycle of salmon and steelhead to teach California Science Standards such as life cycles, habitat, camouflage, and adaptations. “Journey of the Salmon” has informed, inspired, and captivated audiences of all ages.

Just like when Salmonids first hit the Sacramento River when they leave the brackish waters of the San Joaquin River Delta, this assembly will be making its early return in the Sacramento School District in fall of 2016.  SYRCL is currently hiring actors for the assembly and for the Great Water Mystery.  If you are interested in auditioning or know someone who is, send them our way!

To sign up for a SYRCL Salmon Tour, please click here.

For questions about the Journey of the Salmonid or to schedule an assembly at your school, contact SYRCL’s River Education Coordinator, Heather Kallevig, call 530-265-5961 x218 or e-mail heather@syrcl.org.