March 22, 2020 – The Departments of Public Health for Yuba and Sutter Counties confirmed a third case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on Sunday, March 22, 2020. This is the third case in the Yuba-Sutter region; the first two cases were reported in Yuba County Saturday, March 21, 2020.

This newest case, like the previous two, was likely exposed via person-to-person transmission. The individual did visit a neighboring county that had evidence of ongoing community transmission prior to their illness. The individual is doing well.

While confirmation of COVID-19 cases has been expected by Public Health officials, they stress the importance of heeding the state’s “stay at home” order, which urges mass social distancing.

“While we have been expecting confirmed cases in our community, it is concerning that these cases were exposed via community transmission,” Yuba-Sutter Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu said. “It is important now more than ever that we all work together – businesses and residents — to slow the spread of COVID-19 by doing our part to socially distance ourselves from each other.”

The Department of Public Health has been in contact with those who have come into contact with the three confirmed cases to ensure that this situation is handled appropriately– including any friends, family members or health care professionals, to assess and monitor them for signs and symptoms of illness. Appropriate measures including isolation or quarantine and if indicated, testing will be made under the direction of Dr. Luu.

California residents have undergone their first weekend under the state “stay at home” order, and these three confirmed cases this weekend are a reminder of how important these measures are. Please stay home as much as possible, wash your hands often and well, and isolate yourself in another room if you are sick.

Though there will be some expected anxiety and curiosity about testing, Dr. Luu would like to advise all Yuba-Sutter residents that “For those with mild cases of COVID-19, confirmatory testing will not change the doctor’s recommendations. For mild cases, the recommendations remain to stay at home, avoid vulnerable individuals, practice good cough/sneeze etiquette, and maintain good hand hygiene.”

For more information, visit or A bi-county Call Center is also fielding general calls at 749-7700. For information on the state order and state resources, visit COVID19.CA.GOV.