There will be no recall of any of the five sitting Supervisors in Nevada County in 2022. Today was the deadline for recall proponents to submit signatures gathered for verification. Late this afternoon, we received this press release:

May 31, 2022

Recall Nevada County Press Release

Numerous Proponents of the recall of all five Nevada County Supervisors have agreed to this press Release.

Today is the last day to officially file recall signatures for the recall of all five Nevada County Supervisors in order to force a special election.

The official recall began on January 28th, 2022. The recall started because over 100 proponents protested and filed petitions to oppose Contact Tracing, tracking of citizens and children without consent, wasting millions of dollars, concealing information, restricting public comment, and censuring citizens.

In light of the fact that the election is coming up in a few days, and the fact that everywhere in America is so divided, it was decided to hold off on filing the recall signatures in order to create unity now. It was also agreed to. postpone the filing of the recall in order to focus on electing two new Supervisors: Valentina Masterez in district 3 and Calvin Clark in District 4 and also to help elect Paul Gilbert for Registrar of Voters.

We consider the recall effort a success because it woke up our community to valid concerns and instilled civic responsibility.

(Patrick Wagner, Chris and Katherine Hamilton, Calvin Clark, Bill Robinson, Carl Cieslikowski and others.)

The recall proponents had to gather signatures of 20% of registered voters (from the last general election) for their recall to go on the ballot.

County Supervisorial 1             16,269 (3,240 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 2             15,773 (3,140 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 3             14,146 (2,820 = ~20%)
County Supervisorial 4             15,505 (3,100 = ~20%) )
County Supervisorial 5             13,882 (2,760 = ~20%)

All five Nevada County Supervisors were served with a notice of intent to recall. They filed their responses to the notice, one of the steps in a recall procedure.

The cost of a recall as a stand-alone election was estimated at $260,000.