The Town of Truckee’s home purchase assistance program, Truckee Home Access Program (THAP), now has important program resources translated into Spanish, including the Program Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions, and more.

Truckee Home Access Program

The Truckee Home Access Program preserves, produces, and protects homes to create places for people who work full-time in the Truckee region to live locally. THAP pays buyers, sellers, businesses, and developers to reserve homes for income qualified local workers using a fifty- five-year deed restriction. Buyers can apply for compensation up to $150,000 for a maximum

$937,500 home purchase price. Payment can be used for down payment assistance, renovations, or other expenses. Sellers can sell at a reduced price and apply for compensation to make up the difference between the reduced price and the appraised value.

The new Spanish language resources expand the ability of the Town of Truckee’s Housing Program to support more members of the local workforce in pursuing their dreams of home ownership. In addition to providing written materials in Spanish, the Town of Truckee will be hosting educational THAP Buyer workshops with Spanish interpretation available on July 20, August 26, and September 14. If you are a local business, developer, or selling your home, contact to schedule a one-on-one meeting. Interested applicants can also be connected with a Spanish-speaking HUD-certified housing counselor to discuss the program. To learn more about the Truckee Home Access Program in Spanish, visit or email

THAP Updates

New Income Limits for 2023

Each year, the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) publishes official income limits for each county based on the Area Median Income (AMI) for that country. These income limits are used to determine maximum incomes for housing programs across the state, including the Truckee Home Access Program (THAP). HCD recently released the AMI tables for 2023, and the Town of Truckee has published the updated AMI levels for our housing programs.

Truckee Home Access Program Income Limits, June 2023

# of Persons in Household123456
245% Area Median Income (AMI)$192,938$220,500$248,063$275,625$297,675$319,725

The Truckee Home Access Program currently has funds available for home buyers and sellers In order to participate in THAP, applicants must attend an educational workshop. Upcoming workshop dates are July 12, 20, and 22; August 8 and 26; and September 5, 14, and 23. Visit events to sign up for upcoming workshops or to request access to a recorded version of the workshop.

If you have any questions about the Truckee Home Access Program, please visit or email For more information about the Town of Truckee’s other Housing Programs, visit, or contact Lynn Baumgartner, Housing Division Analyst at 530-582-2492 or