April 6, 2020 – During these trying times the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee wanted to share some “uplifting” news (pun intended!). The project to restore and re-open the historic covered wood Bridge crossing the South Yuba River at Bridgeport is back on track after a four month delay in construction.

South East arch separated from abutment for jacking. Photo_Shirley Moon

Over the past four days of work the covered Bridge has been released from its foundation and has been raised by a hydraulic lifting process. By raising the Bridge off of the foundations, the carpentry work can begin to remove and replace major structural timbers. This move will also allow for new foundation work to be installed at both ends of the Bridge. The new foundation will eventually support and raise the Bridge to a new level.

The Bridge is now solely supported by the metal “Mabey Bridge” that was installed last November. The metal bridge also supports scaffolding that runs under, on the sides and on top of the wood Bridge to allow the carpenters access to every area.

Arch ends on South end detached for bridge lifting. Photo_John Field

Towards the end of the project the metal bridge and all of the stabilization structures will be removed. No firm date has been established as to when the work will be completed, although hopes are for late Fall 2020.

When re-opened, the iconic Bridge will look very much as it did when first constructed by David Wood in 1862.

The Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee wishes to express our appreciation to a volunteer photography crew led by John Field that has been recording the project on an almost daily basis. To access this photographic journal please go to: http://www.southyubariverstatepark.org/