REDDING, Calif. July 28, 2018 – Nevada County strike team 4103 C deployed to the 80,000-acre Carr Fire last week. Their 24-hour shifts continue, with a wide variety of tasks.

The Strike Team is made up of fire engines from Nevada City, Nevada County Consolidated, Higgins, Ophir Hill and Peardale.

Catching and safely moving goats and other animals from a ranch, heavy structure defense to save homes, backburns – all in a day’s work.

Stay safe!

YouTube video

One reply on “Video update from the Nevada County strike team on the Carr Fire”

  1. Our fire guys (gals included) are the bestest. Anytime any first responder goes down in the line of duty my heart aches for their families, friends and people that they may have helped previously. Because, as so many of us know, one solitary person who has lived their life, has impacted at least 10-20 people daily at the very minimum. But, those that risk their lives for people they have never met or may never meet give us a sense of unity where there may have been nothing before. I salute every last one of them and so should everyone else. Thank You ALL for the sacrifices you make for the rest of us on a daily basis.

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