August 22, 2018 – The Tahoe National Forest and HistoriCorps are looking for motivated volunteers to restore the Camptonville Ranger Station.  The work will include roofing and/or siding work, including painting.  Please utilize the following link to sign up today

About the Project: The historic Camptonville Ranger Station is part of the Camptonville Work Center in the Tahoe National Forest Yuba Ranger District. This district is also home to the Tahoe Hotshots fire crew, and the staff onsite are excited to host HistoriCorps volunteers in the preservation of the Ranger Station. The Ranger Station was originally constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1934-1936.

Camptonville, CA, is a small community along the Golden Chain highway in northern California. The town, like many in the area, first drew settlers attracted to the promise of gold, which was first discovered here in 1850. The town became a major stopping point for Gold Rush miners, and at one point held more than 50 brothels and saloons – and even a bowling alley! When the mines played out, the town turned to timber; and when the primary timber company in the area left, the town turned to relaxation, drawing in tourists attracted to the history and beauty of the area.