October 28, 2020 – Sutter and Yuba County Agricultural Commissioners Lisa Herbert and Stephen Scheer announced today the walnut-buying period will begin Monday, Nov. 2, beginning a window period that will end April 30, 2021, pursuant to the County’s Walnut Theft Prevention ordinance.

The ordinances were established to deter thefts from commercial walnut growers by creating a timeframe for walnut purchases, as well as the use of documentation to identify walnut growers.

Walnuts are the second-highest valued agricultural commodity in both Yuba and Sutter Counties. According to the Sutter County 2018 Crop Report* there were 37,841 harvested acres in Sutter County with a market value of $85,956,000. The Yuba County 2019 Crop Report reported 16,767 harvested acres with a market value of $54,326,000.

“The Walnut Theft Prevention ordinances are intended to deter theft, and proof of ownership is a mandatory requirement of the ordinances,” stated Herbert.

The walnut-buying period is the declared conclusion of harvest of the Chandler variety of walnuts by the Agricultural Commissioner, after consultation with walnut growers, during which non-processing walnut buying operations within Sutter and Yuba County may lawfully purchase and receive walnuts that have not been dried or processed.

For more information or to access a proof of ownership form approved by these offices please see the Agricultural Commissioner’s website: (Sutter County – https://bit.ly/2G7wsja) (Yuba County – https://bit.ly/2HAXNKW).

There are similar ordinances in place in Butte, Tehama, and Glenn counties, and in several counties to the south.

*Due to COVID-19, the Sutter County 2019 Crop Report has not been published. It is scheduled to be out in the next couple of weeks.