COLFAX December 1, 2017 – Caltrans is alerting motorists that the left, or #1 lane of westbound Interstate 80 (I-80) will be closed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, December 6 from Magra to 1.5 miles east of Colfax to allow Caltrans maintenance crews to perform drainage work. Traffic delays and traffic congestion are likely to occur.

Drains for rain and snowmelt runoff are located along the median in this area of Interstate 80. To ensure that all drains are in good working order, Caltrans will close the #1 lane in order to increase safety for maintenance workers.

Because there are only two lanes on this three-mile length of Interstate 80, motorists are likely to experience traffic delays and are encouraged to plan for additional travel time through the area. California Highway Patrol will be escorting traffic through the work zone to keep speeds safe for Caltrans workers on this curvy, steep stretch of freeway.

Weather or other unexpected events could impact or delay work.

Motorists are urged to be “Be Work Zone Alert” and to “Slow for the Cone Zone.” Caltrans will issue weather and roadway updates on Twitter @D3PIO and on Facebook at CaltransDistrict3. For real-time traffic, click on Caltrans’ QuickMap  or download the QuickMap app on iTunes or Google Play.